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Did you know it is your birthright to be free and happy? It’s time to reclaim your happiness. Since happiness is a state of being, there is no point in trying to search for it. Because searching means we don’t believe we already have it within us. It’s time to change this. It’s time to awaken happiness within yourself and to manifest the freedom in your life. You know why? Because it is your very nature.


What would you do if there were no limitations in your life whatsoever?

Imagine you had an abundance of money. Imagine you had an abundance in time. Imagine you had an abundance in energy. Imagine you were feeling at your best, your happiest and at your healthiest than you have ever been before.

The answer to this question is what you would actually do with your freedom.

Freedom is your birthright. We came with freedom into this world and we shall leave with freedom from this world.

Whatever happens in between our arrival and our departure from this planet is your own free will & responsibility.

Every day you wake up, is another opportunity for you to manifest the life of your dreams. You are the only one that deprives yourself from living a happy, free and fulfilling life.

You might feel stuck and bound by your circumstances. But nothing is further from the truth. It is your own mind that limits you. If you want to know how to break free from your limitations, read this post about The Break Free Challenge.

This reminds me of the story of the elephant…

Reclaiming Your Birthright to be free and happy - Mindfulness - Happy Conscious Living - Positivity Lifestyle Magazine - africa-elephant-calf-elephant-trunkOnce upon a time there was a baby elephant that was taken from his mother by the people who wanted to turn her into a tourist ride.

While the baby elephant was still small enough for the people to keep her under control, they tied ropes around her legs. She fought and she struggled to get the ropes off her legs. But the poor little elephant wasn’t strong enough to break free from these ropes…

After years of being trained, the baby elephant had developed into a fully grown elephant. Not only did the people train her to transport tourists on her back, but most importantly, her mind was trained to believe that she cannot break free from the ropes.

The owners of the elephant were very well aware of this. Now they only tied one rope around her right hind leg. They knew that the elephant would not try to escape…

But both you and I know, that the elephant is more than capable of breaking free from that rope and to run off to meet the joy of freedom.

But the elephant is convinced that she can’t…

Alright, alright… I never said it was going to be a happy story. But the truth is… You are that elephant and you will determine how this story will finish…

By the way, please don’t take this statement as an insult. I’m not saying you’re fat!

Just like the elephant, you believe that you can’t break free from the ropes that hold you back from moving forward and growing into your happiest and fullest potential.

You may have faltered, you may have failed in the past. But those missteps are called “learning experiences”. You were young, you were still learning. But now you are fully developed. You have learned what to do and what not to do. You know better now! Based on this life experience you have everything you need right now in this very moment to break free from your imaginary ropes!

So really, you are in a very strong and powerful position. I mean, think about it. If it’s really all just in your mind, the only thing that is stopping you from being free, happy and successful is you! That’s why it is so important to think yourself into positivity. If we have a negative mindset, we will attract those blockages in our life. If you don’t know how to stop thinking negative, you definitely want to read this post.


All you have to do is to give yourself permission, to claim back your birthright to be free and happy.

Whoever or whatever has taken you into captivity, has no longer power over you.

Alright. The rest of the story is up to you. You are a mighty, powerful, beautiful, amazing, inspirational living being that came to bring light and happiness to this world. Everyday you feel unhappy is another day you deprive yourself from sharing your gift with the world.

So don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Instead, control you mind and you will control your life and your happiness.


Freedom comes with responsibility. If you are not experiencing freedom in the life you currently live, it’s time to take up that responsibility to reclaim your birthright to be free and happy! Here’s how you can break free from your current limitations and start living an authentic fulfilling life.

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