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How to stop thinking negative - Happy Conscious Living - sad girl on benchWhy is it so hard to think positive? Why is it harder to think positive than it is to think negative? And how can we stop thinking negative? When we think unhappy thoughts, we attract negative energy. All of a sudden we start feeling as if what's happening to us is beyond our control. As if we are a victim of our circumstances. But as soon as negative thoughts come on board, we actually "attract" these unfortunate situations into our lives. Everything seems to go wrong. It is just “not your day”. We feel out of control over our own life. We all know that this is not the way. We know we have to start thinking positive in order to put a hold on the negativity in our daily lives. But why is this so hard? Why can’t we stop thinking negative? How come is seems more effortless to think negative? To blame and complain? And why is it so hard think positive?

How many thoughts do we get per day? How many thoughts do we get per hour?

Did you know that the biggest addiction in life is thinking? According to research, we register approximately 50,000 thoughts per day, which means we think 2100 thoughts per hour. Some experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Which is an average of 2,500 to 3,300 thoughts per hour.

Our mind is a brilliant instrument that helps us function in our daily lives. But with all the many impressions we get on a daily basis through screens, smartphones, tablets, computers, work and the busyness of daily life itself, our mind gets overstimulated. Our society has become more upbeat and so have our brainwaves. When our mind gets overstimulated, we get high-stress levels. When we get high-stress levels we become an open door for negative thoughts.


The mind is a drama queen

So why is it so hard to stop thinking negative? Our mind feeds off the drama. The more problems it can think of the better. This is because it was designed to protect you from possible danger. But since we no longer live under dangerous conditions, our mind tries to find any excuse to worry about something. When we worry too much, it turns into stress. When we stress too much, it turns into overwhelm. When we are too overwhelmed, we lose ourselves. It is at this point where we no longer have our mind under control. We start going down in a downward spiral. When we don’t stop ourselves on time, we head towards depression.

Why can’t we stop thinking negative?

Negative thoughts are highly addictive. When you are having a negative thought it releases a rush of adrenaline. Negative thoughts also release a stress hormone called “cortisol”. This is being released to help you deal with a threatening situation. The mind was designed to think negatively so you will avoid taking risky decisions that might get you in danger. This was a perfect protection mechanism back in the old days in times that survival was a daily concern. But now we no longer need this negative thinking since we live in a the safest time to be alive.


The moment a negative thought enters, it will first test us whether or not it will affect us. It is there to disrupt our inner balance. It is a test of inner peace. A test of our inner harmony. Thoughts never come alone. One thought is always followed by another. Unless we can switch the mind off for a few moments.


How to stop thinking negatively

Our mind has received the luxury of freedom. It runs wild and free like a wild horse. At that moment it controls us, rather than we control “it”. The horse needs first to be broken so it will listen to our commands. This is where the training of the mind has to come in. If we don’t take on this mental discipline, the mind will always rule our inner world. And since our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, it’s best to start this mental training now.

This training is happening on a daily basis. Your thoughts are there to teach you. They are not good and they are not bad. They just are. It is up to you how you will respond. Learning to have this mental discipline starts by not getting run over by your negative thoughts. Just observe them. Be an eyewitness. And don’t interact with them. They will pass you by. The more time and energy you spend on each thought, the bigger and more intense it will get. Henceforth the saying, “What you focus on expands”. This means that if you no longer feed your negative thoughts, they will eventually die off.


How to avoid thinking negative

As soon as we start thinking negative, we get into this downward spiral it is somewhat of a challenge to get out. But it is not impossible! The thing is that whatever we think, we will get more of. That’s why if one thing goes wrong, and we get out of balance, a whole chain reaction of negativity is attached to it. Just as with anything else, prevention is better than cure.

When you feel a negative thought coming, just smile at it and embrace it. It is designed to agitate you. When you embrace the negativity, it can’t harm you. These negative thoughts are here to test your level of peace. But if you can brush off that negativity, to whatever degree it might have manifested in your life, you will create space for more positive things to happen in.

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How to stop thinking negative

Why is it so hard to think positive? Why is it harder to think positive than it is to think negative? And how can we stop thinking negative? When we think unhappy thoughts, we attract negative energy. All of a sudden we start to feel like a victim...

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