6 Ways To Stay Happy At Work

Are you dreading Monday mornings? Are breaks your favourite part of the day? Do you find yourself counting down the days to the weekend? You are one out of many. When we lack the motivation for our work we procrastinate, get overwhelmed, are unproductive, are prone to depression and basically are risking getting fired. So how can we spark the motivation?

Here are 6 ways to find happiness in any job you do.

It’s Monday morning. Your alarm goes off. You hit the snooze button. A few too many times… Until you realise you woke up 30 minutes late!

With the 5 minutes you have you try to pull yourself together and make yourself as presentable as possible. Because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself at the important meeting you have later. You grab a coffee on the go, pretending it is a valid source of energy that suffices as your entire breakfast.

With the very little energy you have you run with all your might to be on time for your transfer. And guess what? You missed it… But  miraculously enough you make it on time to be at the office. Well… “almost” on time…

Sounds familiar? Is this how your Mondays start? Or perhaps every work day?

In this article you will learn how to motivate yourself for any job you do. So how can we turn what may feel as a meaningless job into a service of purpose?

1. Treat every workday as your first day

Ah… the excitement of your first day at work! Exploring new CRM’s, your calendar booked with training sessions, meeting your new team. You’re like a sponge that swallows every bit of information as fast as it can.

However, this exhilarating rush of excitement eventually wears off. When we fall back into routine we are bound to loose our interest and/or motivation to do better and be better.

So how can we treat every workday as though it were our first? Simple. Think of why the company hired you in the first place! What were the virtues, the assets, the skills that made them want you? To get some inspiration, we will post another article soon on how to make any employer want to hire you. In this article we will share a few to get you started.

2. Handle conflicts before they handle you

No matter which company you will work for, you will run into an awkward situation eventually. Perhaps someone is bullying you. Or may be your boss doesn’t like you. You could have a disagreement with a colleague and you are being harassed by another.

If you already suffer from low self-esteem or want to please everyone, trying to avoid any painful or awkward conflict is never the answer. You may quit your job and change it for another, but the problem is never going away unless you resolve it.

Crucial conversation making is a priceless asset to have. Learn to be assertive. Don’t be violent. But certainly don’t be silent! Handle conflicts before they escalate to handle you.

Every situation we experience is there to help us learn and grow into the better version of ourselves. So take advantage of the opportunity to become a more confident, assertive and authentic You!

3. Take 100% responsibility

One thing is certain. Blaming others for your problems is never going to make you happier! You may not control the outcome of certain situations, but you can control how you will respond to them.

If you want to be happier in your day-job then take 100% responsibility over everything that happens to you at the office. Even if it’s not 100% your “fault”… Be the bigger person to make amends and set things right.

When you take 100% responsibility over everything that “happens” to you, you will have greater control in turning your boring desk job into a dream job.

4. Remind yourself why you started this job

What motivated you to take this job in the first place? Was it more money so you could save up to buy your first house? Did the job have more opportunities to grow within the company? Was it because it was part-time so you could spend more time with your kids? Or did you feel this job would add more purpose to your life?

Whatever the reason may be that made you accept that job offer, remind yourself every single morning when you wake up and get ready for work.

If you can’t find any reason or the reason doesn’t apply anymore, create a new goal for yourself. Work towards it and use your job to fund your dream!

5. Be a go-getter vs a do-better

While we already touched on treating every workday as your first day, this goes a step further. Take the advantage of your time at work. Take every opportunity you get to learn, to improve and to grow into the best possible version of yourself. No matter how pointless the tasks you are performing may feel, take advantage of your time to master this skill.

Use this proactive energy to keep discovering, exploring and learn more. Be hungry for information as if it were your first day at work. It will bring a shine to your work and inspires others to step up their game. Don’t give your boss a chance to tell you you have to work harder or that you are lacking or falling behind. Always try to stay one step ahead. This way you will ride the wave at work and you can feel satisfied at home.

6. Create a healthy work-life balance

More money? Great. Promotion? Awesome! But don’t forget why you are doing this in the first place. When things are going great at work it is so easy to forget about home. Remember, you see your colleagues more than you see your family and friends! So make time for your loved ones and yourself! Create and keep a healthy work-life balance. Because if one of the two becomes more important, the other one suffers.

Avoid working over-time and reserve your time off for everything that is not work-related! When it’s time to go home, don’t spend your own time catching up on work. You get paid for your time and outside of office hours your time is priceless! You need your me-time and quality time with friends and family. Do whatever makes you happiest at home and use your job to buy yourself the freedom to do more of what makes you happiest.


  1. Treat every workday as your first day.
  2. Handle conflicts before they handle you.
  3. Take 100% responsibility.
  4. Remind yourself why you started this job.
  5. Be a go-getter vs a do-better.
  6. Create & Keep a healthy work-life balance.

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