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The quickest home remedy that can heal your sore throat or upset tonsils


Sore throats… It can happen to anyone! This cold home remedy cocktail will be your best friend when it comes to sore throats and even tonsillitis. It’s a powerful turmeric drink that you can serve hot or cold. This turmeric home remedy has saved me many times during recording sessions and performances and today I hope it will help you too.




❀  Freshly chopped ginger (1 inch of root)

❀ 1 squeezed lemon

❀ Raw (organic) honey (1/3 table spoon)

❀ Apple Cider Vinegar (1/4 cup)

❀ Water (1/2 liter)

❀ Turmeric powder (1 teaspoon)

❀ 750 ml bottle

❀ Bee pollen (1 table spoon)

❀ Freshly chopped ginger (1 inch of root)

❀ 1/2 squeezed lemon

❀ 1/2 chopped lemon (with skin)

❀ Manuka honey (1/3 table spoon)

❀ Apple Cider Vinegar (1/4 cup)

❀ Turmeric powder (1 teaspoon)

❀ Raw turmeric root (instead of powder)

❀ Water (1/2 liter)

❀ 750 ml bottle


How to prepare:

Step 1 

Add 1/3 table spoon of raw organic honey. Preferably Manuka honey. Manuka honey has loads of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory healing properties and is highly recommended if you a serious sore throat or problems with your tonsils (e.g. tonsillitis). Since Manuka honey can be pretty pricy (this jar costed me €40) you can of course use any other raw organic honey that you can find in your health store or organic shop.



Step 2

Cut off about 1 inch (a bit bigger is fine too) from your ginger root. Now peel your ginger. Throw out your peels in the biodegradable bin or in your compost. Your compost will thank you for it and you will thank your compost for giving you a wealth of rich soil at the end 🙂 Keeping your working space nice and organised will help you get everything done quick, clean and easy.




Step 3 

Cut your peeled ginger in smaller pieces. I like to make them look like small cubes so the liquid in the bottle will absorb as much of its juices and nutrients of the ginger. But you can cut them in bigger pieces as well. Whatever you prefer 🙂





Step 4

Wash your lemon thoroughly to get the wax off its skin. If you can get unwaxed lemons that would be best. Now cut your lemon in half. Try to stick with organic ingredients as much as possible. If you couldn’t find organic lemons in your local supermarket, don’t worry. Any lemon will do it’s job.




Step 5

Use half a lemon to squeeze it’s juice into your bottle. You can do this by hand, but if you would like to go fancy (and don’t mind a bit of extra cleaning) you can use your electric citrus juicer. Before squeezing it, check for seeds so they don’t end up in your drink. Carefully whip them out with your knife or fork.



Step 6

Now use your remaining half lemon to cut it in smaller pieces. Make sure to have separated the seeds. (Unless you like to drink them as well 🙂 ) You want to keep the skin of your lemon because it has A LOT of vitamins in it. I dare you to eat it while you drink it. So basically, that’s why it’s important to wash the skin of your lemon before cutting it (see step 4)




Step 7

Now it’s time for our old Bragg friend. If you have a different brand of apple cider vinegar, that is fine too. (I won’t tell Mr & Mrs. Bragg 😉 ) I like to use 1/4 a cup of this golden magic liquid. If you can’t stand its taste (add some more honey!) But I’m telling ya, just get over it. When you are used to its taste you won’t dislike it anymore. And I’m pretty sure that if you Google what the benefits are of apple cider vinegar, you will absolutely LOVE IT ♡






Step 8 

Now it’s time for my favourite ingredient: Turmeric! The Indians love it and so do I! You can literally add it to every meal, smoothie and even facial mask. Just a big WARNING before you use it. If you don’t want to end up as yellow as the Big Bird from Sesame Street, be super careful while using this spice because it STAINS!!! So now you’ve read my disclaimer, add one teaspoon of (organic) Turmeric powder 🙂




Step 9

If you’ve always wanted to shake it off, this is your chance. Remember how we added the honey first? Well yea… it’s sticking now to the bottom of the bottle. So now shake it, like you’ve never shaken before! O and don’t forget to close the lid so no Turmeric escapes! And if you do forget, I don’t care what you will say, but you won’t be able to convince me that you don’t want to join Big Bird on Sesame Street.



Step 10 

Now that you’ve had your chance to go all Taylor Swifty as in her Shake It Off music video, it’s time to add 500 ml (1/2 liter 😉 ) of water to this luxurious healthy golden cocktail that even people with no sore throats or tonsillitis can drink.






Step 11  

Give it one last shake…. and…. DONE 😀









Step 12 (optional)

If you love adding superfoods to your meals and drinks, this optional step is for you. I’d like to add bee pollen to this drink because it’s stuffed with zinc, iron and fibre! The bee pollen will dissolve in the liquid after some time. Make sure to shake it off one more time. Common… you know you love it 😉





Step 13 

Ta-da! This golden magic liquid is ready to be drunk! Now that your home remedy cocktail for sore throats, upset tonsils and anyone that is trying to find an excuse to drink this is finished, hit the road and you can start your day feeling vibrant and energised. When I had swollen tonsils I made this drink for myself and the swollenness reduced after an hour or so. After 3 days of drinking this home remedy drink, my sore throat was gone and I avoided paying €60 for a doctor’s visit and poisoning my body with antibiotics 😉



Step 14 

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