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How to be happy? Happy Conscious Living is a brand new positivity lifestyle magazine that carries the mission to inspire our readers to live their lives to their happiest, freest and fullest potential. We work hard to provide inspirational quality content from all around the world. As part of the transformational entertainment industry, we want to leave a positive impact in the minds of our readers. Every time you pick up your phone to read our magazine, we want to help you rewire your mind for happiness. As the Law of Attraction shows us that what we focus on expands, we want to bathe our readers in an ocean of happiness and positivity through our lifestyle magazine. Besides, our magazine is free to read. And if you want to dive in deeper into the world of Happy Conscious Living, we've got membership available.

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Awesome features

Happy Conscious Living is so much more than just a lifestyle magazine. We wanted to take our magazine to the next level by offering some awesome features. Our positivity lifestyle magazine is virtual and compatible with your smartphone, tablet and desktop. Our magazine is also interactive. We've incorporated videos, text and audio in every issue. We offer some additional extensions for our members such as monthly podcasts, full length (unedited) interviews and so much more!

Easy Navigation

It’s super easy to navigate through the e-zine. You can simply swipe from left to right on your phone or click the left or right arrow to flip through the pages.

Inspirational Topics

We have something interesting for everyone! We offer a wide variety of different topics such as Beauty, Health, Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Interviews, Business, Inspiration, Empowerment, Mindset, Spirituality and so much more.

Beautiful Design

We consider our magazine to be a practical piece of art. We wanted to create something beautiful to make you smile :)

Home Button

Each page has a home button that will lead you to the table of content so you can easily jump from one article to another.

Mobile Friendly

Whether you prefer to read from your phone, tablet or desktop, we made sure our online magazine is responsive and easy to access on all devices.

Free & Monthly

Our magazine is free to read because we want to inspire as many people as possible. We release a new issue every month. To access our previous issues subscribe to our newsletter.

Our Archive

Our magazine is free to read for anyone. We haven't set exact dates for publishing, so it's best to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when we publish a new issue. If you are not subscribed, that's okay. We publish the latest issue every month on this page. Previous issues are stored in our archive and can only be accessed when you are a Happy Conscious Living member. We offer three different membership options: freemium, basic and premium.

Let's get started!

Happy Conscious Living is so much more than just a magazine. It is a lifestyle, a source of inspiration and a heartwarming community that is here to inspire you to live your life to your absolute happiest and fullest potential. Start reading our inspirational positivity lifestyle magazine today. And of course, we warmly welcome you into our hearts ♡